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Technology that Moves You
Global Relocation
The new advanced analytical method made possible by the business alliance with Cartus Corp. dramatically advanced and utilize the power of forecast analysis to improve the result of relocation of you and the employee and to achieve results.
Leading Edge Analytics Practice (LEAP)

Cartus' Leading Edge Analytics Practice, LEAP, will bring revolutionary new capabilities to our clients through the use of predictive analytics. With our unmatched historical database of 2.3 million moves—and counting!—Cartus is singularly positioned to provide the depth and scope of data needed to forward-manage your relocation program in ways that have never been seen in the industry before. 

Predictive analytics: the latest frontier

Most corporations have been collecting data for years, using it to dissect past performance and trends. The presentation of this data is referred to as descriptive analytics. However, the next frontier in relocation will be conquered by those companies best able to leverage predictive analytics to provide clients with actionable insights about their mobility programs.

LEAP will allow Cartus to forecast relocation outcomes for your mobility managers and personal move milestones for your employees. With millions of data points to draw on, Cartus has reached the critical threshold required to make our predictions not only valid, but specifically relevant to our highly diverse client base. It's for this reason that we believe the predictive algorithms and statistical models derived from LEAP will stand as the first true predictive analytics for the mobility industry.

Through LEAP, Cartus clients will benefit from:


  • Improved cost forecasting

  • Higher employee satisfaction

  • Increased program efficiency and employee productivity

  • Reduced risk of assignment failure and employee attrition 

Ultimately, predictive analytics will power a new level of service and value for your HR and mobility managers as well as your relocating employees. Whether optimizing cost management, program management, talent management—or all three—learn how one small step for you can lead to one giant LEAP for your relocation program.

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