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Real Estate 

Proposals for future housing
・Share house where both able-bodied and disabled people can live
・Group home for people with disabilities
・Property where helper manager resides
・Barrier-free properties for various situations
・Homes and environments that are friendly to assistance dogs, etc.
* We provide properties for people with disabilities (mainly for group homes and share houses) in Aichi Prefecture.

​ From April 2016, the “Law Concerning the Promotion of Elimination of Discrimination on the Basis of Disabilities (Disability Discrimination Elimination Act)” was enacted. The purpose of this law is to eliminate discrimination based on disability and to realize a society in which everyone can coexist while respecting each other's personalities and individuality without being discriminated against based on whether or not they have a disability. is.

This law prohibits "unfair discriminatory treatment" and provides "reasonable accommodation" to national and local governments and private businesses as measures to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of disability. stipulates obligations to

Prohibition of unfair discriminatory treatment

It is prohibited to refuse, restrict, or impose conditions on the provision of services without justifiable reasons on the grounds of disability.


  • Refusal to provide services, move in, or enter the store on the grounds of disability.

  • Restriction on use of facilities, etc. and membership due to disability.

  • Refusal to attend information sessions, symposiums, etc. on the grounds of disability.

Despite being stipulated by law, it is still not widely known.

Aiming to realize a society where people with disabilities can continue to live while maintaining their dignity, we will start with what is feasible, such as gradually increasing the options in our lives.

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