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Language Service

Japanese Language Courses

General Capabilities


We have a program that can correspond individuals, groups and companies.

Those programs have different levels that conform to the common reference frame.


Language Courses;



Family Group (participant size 2 – 4)

Onsite Corporate Group (participant size 3 – 7)

Levels    CEFR Levels

Basic user             A1

Basic user             A2

Independent          B1

Independent          B2

Proficient C1

Proficient C2

Advanced Business Communication

(For specific purposes, for example: effective presentations and

meeting management, accent modification, intercultural appropriateness,

business writing, etc.)

Levels    CEFR Levels

Proficient C1

Proficient C2

Our capabilities to deliver customized Advanced Business Communication language training;


<Communicative Language Activities>

Productive activities: Overall oral production

                                  (Sustained monologue: describing experience)

                                  Overall written production

Receptive activities: Overall listening comprehension

                                 (Understanding conversation between native speakers,      

                                  listening to audio media and recordings, Watching TV and


Interactive activities: Overall spoken interaction

                                  (Understanding a native speaker interlocutor, etc.)

                                  Overall written interaction


<Communicative Language Competences>

Linguistic competences: Vocabulary range, Vocabulary control, Grammatical

                                         accuracy, Phonological control,

                                         orthoepic complicatedness

Sociolinguistic competences: Sociolinguistic appropriateness

                                                 Pragmatic competences: Flexibility, Turn taking,

                                                 Thematic development, Coherence and Cohesion,

                                                 Spoken fluency, Propositional precision

Other Languages

General Capabilities


Details Coming soon !

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